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Electricians tips: energy saving in the home

Val Chisolm

If you’re looking to save money on utility bills, the place to start is looking for areas in your home where you can save energy. There are a number of things you can do, from reducing the amount of heating you use to keep your home warm, to improving the insulation of your property, and even using energy saving appliances. It’s just a matter of being clever with what you use in your home and how you use it. Our team of electricians in Edinburgh have some good tips to help you.

Save money and help the environment

Energy saving is a great to save money on your heating bills, but it’s not just about that, it really helps the environment too, by reducing CO2 emissions, so you’re doing something really worthwhile as well as saving energy in your home. Here at VC Electrical we’re all for saving energy and we’re always looking for energy saving tips we can pass on to our customers. How can you save money on heating bills then, especially when we live in a time when energy bills are continuing to rise?

Start with the lighting

If you buy energy saving light bulbs you could be using up to 80% less energy because one of these will produce the same amount of light as a more traditional 60w bulb, but only using between 13- 18watts of energy. You’ll find you not only save money you’ll save energy too.

Washing machines

If you use a 30 degree wash you could save a whopping third of the energy you’d normally use when you wash your clothes at a much higher temperature.

Tumble dryers

Use the washing line outside if you have one or a clothes horse, it’ll work out much cheaper than using a tumble dryer, ask yourself whether you really need one, it’s much better for the environment as well as saving you money.


Use your dishwasher less by filling it up so you don’t have to use as many times. A full load will use the same amount of energy as half, so why use half loads when you could do it all in one go.


Don’t boil a full kettle all the time and just boil the amount of water you need for the cups of tea or coffee you’re going to be making.

Don’t leave your electrical products constantly on stand-by. When you’re not using them switch them off and unplug them.

VC Electrical – premier electricians Edinburgh

If you need any more advice on how to save energy in your home and save on heating bills, then get in touch with us here at VC Electrical. We’re more than happy to help and one of our professional team will be able to talk to you about any areas of concern.

Keep in mind that here at VC Electrical all our members of our team are trained, qualified and experienced electricians, so if you need any electrical work done in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas, then we’re the team to call.