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PAT Testing Edinburgh

PAT testing that meets the latest guidelines delivered by qualified and experienced electricians at competitive prices.Get in touch for a free detailed quote.

pat testing edinburgh

PAT TestinG, Edinburgh

PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing) is of major importance to everyone, and is carried out in order to make sure your electrical equipment is always safe to use. If you’re in charge of work premises, or indeed any commercial premises - where a lot of electrical equipment is used - then you must conduct PAT testing as part of your Health and Safety responsibilities, to ensure your employees are safe from harm. A risk based approach should always be taken to ensure the safety and security of your employees. You certainly don’t want anything happening with your electrical appliances that may put people at risk, or start a fire. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

You’ll also need to make sure you're always keeping up with the latest rules and regulations to be sure the electrical appliances you provide are continually updated. If you're running a business and you require your appliances tested, we’ll ensure that our fully qualified and experienced electricians are quiet, respectful and carry out PAT testing with minimum disruption.


WHAT IS Portable Appliance Testing?

Portable Appliance Testing is essential to ensure the electrical appliances that all businesses and property landlords provide are safe to use. We approach Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) in a logical, defined and methodical way, testing for electrical faults or possible dangerous items in the home or workplace. As well as a visual inspection of wiring and other functional checks such as connections of flexible cables, a verification of earthing continuity and a subsequent test is undertaken. The robustness of the insulation between current carrying parts and exposed metal can be checked too. This ensures that an electrical shock isn’t received.

What appliances are covered during PAT Testing?

PAT Testing service covers items such as kitchen appliances, cleaning machinery, building tools, computers and laptops and other utilities.

How often should PAT Testing be carried out?

Most people are unsure as to how regularly they should get their electrical appliances tested. It really depends on the type of equipment you use and the environment in which you use it. PAT testing at regular intervals ensures continual safety. A good example is a power tool which is used on a construction site, that should be examined more frequently, than say a lamp in a hotel room. Both should be tested, but the power tool more so, due to it being hand held and it's frequency of use.

PAT Testing for Landlords

Landlords in Scotland are required by law to have all electrical items that they leave in their property for incoming tenants, PAT tested on a yearly basis. They should also have a Pat Testing Schedule, for each new tenant or have a test scheduled on a yearly basis and always maintain accurate records.


Our PAT Testing service is undertaken in accordance with the latest guidelines (IEE/IET) and all members of our team are specifically trained.

Our pricing is competitive and transparent and a no-obligation detailed quote is provided prior to work commencing. Your safety is our priority and our success is built on repeat custom and providing a reliable, quality driven service that works around your needs with the least disruption.

Contact us today with your requirements for a no obligation quote.

pat testing edinburgh