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Electric Heating

Our qualified electricians install bespoke electric central heating systems to customers in Edinburgh & east central Scotland. Call us today for a free quote.




Replace old storage heaters with efficient electric radiators

VC Electrical supply and install bespoke electric central heating systems to customers in Edinburgh, East Lothian and Midlothian looking to significantly reduce their heating bills with electric radiators, specifically tailored to their home and lifestyle.


Our electricians in Edinburgh have over 20 years of experience ensuring all electric heating installations are carried out to the highest standard. That's why all our electrical heating systems are covered with a 20 year guarantee for your complete peace of mind.

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20 year guarantee

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Electric Central Heating Experts

We’re full members of SELECT, Scotland's leading trade association for the electrical industry which allows us to be industry experts with the most current and up to date information on laws and regulations.

All the work we carry out is currently in compliance with British Standard regulation - BS7671 17th Edition..

What is Electric central Heating?

More than ever, people are turning to electric central heating because of the technological and design advancements over the last few years, making central heating systems more aesthetically appealing and energy efficient.

  • Electric heating systems are totally flexible, easy and inexpensive to install, and fully controllable

  • Technology allows you to split your home into heating zones and control heat in each of these rooms or zones individually

Electric radiators are designed to react quickly and accurately to changes in room temperature in order to ensure your comfort at all times and to reduce your energy consumption. Each electric radiator can be controlled and/or programmed independently, providing each room in your property with the required heat when you need it.

What are the Benefits of Electric Central Heating?

Reduced Maintenance Costs

With a gas central heating system it is important to have regular maintenance and servicing carried out in order to keep a system in working order, which can become expensive. For privately rented and social rented properties it is a requirement to have annual safety inspections of gas systems, however, with electric heating systems this is not the case, saving you time and money.


Electric heating systems are very easy to install, keeping costs down. Complicated pipe-work is not required, all we have to do is connect each heater to the electrical circuit in your property. 

As electric heaters can act as stand alone units or form part of a system, additions or upgrades are very easy to install.

Flexible & Versatile

Electric heating doesn’t require a flue or pipe-work to be installed, so there are no restrictions on their layout or the design of your property and no regulatory or planning problems that can be associated with the positioning of flues. Electric heaters can also be installed virtually anywhere in the room, again lending themselves to freedom of design.

Comfort & Control

Electric heating systems come with thermostatic controls that ensure it can react quickly and easily to sudden changes in temperature in order to maintain a comfortable level of warmth in your home as heating output can be quickly increased or reduced where necessary.


All of our heaters come with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty on parts and a 20 year workmanship guarantee, so you can rest assured that your new heaters have the durability to last for years to come.

Zone Heating

With electric heating systems you can easily heat specific rooms, generally the rooms you spend most time in, instead of heating the entire home when the family is gathered in one room. 

100% Efficiency

At the point of use electric heating is 100% efficient as all of the electricity is converted into heat. With a gas boiler there is significant waste of energy via the flue, which is money being thrown away.


With electric heating systems there is no risk of explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning, both of which are a concern with gas central heating systems.

Electrician Heating Edinburgh

Electric central Heating Installation


Once the wiring has been run to every location the team will commence the installation of the hardware, including the heaters and the thermostatic control panels.


Our team will work alongside you to evaluate and discuss what the most effective and convenient location for each of your electric heaters is to ensure maximum efficiency. 


When we are satisfied that the system installation has been completely successful and is functioning efficiently we will take the time to explain to you how the system operates and how you can get the most out of it all year round.


As with all our electrical work our electric heating installs come with a 20 year guarantee. If you have any questions or challenges regarding the system after we have left your home we are just a call away and always happy to help.

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We’re here to talk and advise over the phone or online about your plans and ideas for your heating system. We can give you a no obligation quote and you’ll be speaking to a friendly and knowledgeable electrical firm, here at VC Electrical.

Whatever you’ve decided for your home or work premises, our goal is to work closely with you to help make all your ideas a reality.

Call us today on 01620 843 804 , our contact details are over on our contact page.