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Electrical safety in the home for the elderly

Val Chisolm

As you can imagine, the elderly are extremely vulnerable and electrical accidents naturally pose a greater risk to them in many cases. Often, the homes of the elderly are in a state of disrepair and lack modern facilities. If they don’t meet certain safety standards, then the whole house can be a danger zone. If an elderly person also has dementia, then the risk of an accident is even greater. You may be very concerned about someone in such a predicament, at home alone with dementia or even Parkinson’s disease, if this is the case then follow our team of electricians in Edinburgh tips to make you feel better about your elderly relative or friend’s safety.

Electrical Safety Tips

Check the fuse-box because this is what controls the electrical appliances and lights in the home. There should be a main switch and a fuse, it shouldn’t come with a wooden back or any iron switches. If it does, then you could do with getting an electrician to come and check it and possibly changing it to something more up-to-date and much safer.

Check RCDs, this known as Residual Current Device and it cuts power when there’s been an accident. It can help stop you from getting an electrical shock, which in some cases can kill. In order to check whether you have one, it’s a good idea to press the Test button. Pressing it will switch off the power. If the home in which you’re testing doesn’t have one of these should try using a plug-in RCD for all the sockets.

Plugs & Sockets – Any electrics over 50 years need to be updated because they may cause a present danger that could lead to an accident. Keep an eye out for braided flexes, round pin sockets, light fittings on the ceiling, sockets on skirting boards, if there are things like this then the whole house needs rewiring and updating.

Lighting fittings & Cables – Look out for overheating, discolouration and scorching. Where cables are concerned, they should be in good condition with no sign of splitting or cracking. There should be no cables lying in such a way that they cause someone to trip.

Smoke alarm – There should be working alarms in all properties and the batteries need to be changed annually. Your local Fire & Rescue Service should be able to fit one in in the home if you don’t already have one.

Priority Service Register – Elderly people can be added to a priority service register which their energy provider can add them to. This means that they have a tailored billing service as well as alternative cooking facilities should something go wrong, and the same goes for heating. That way they’re never without warmth or hot food.

Experienced Edinburgh Electricians

As we’ve already seen you need to undertake a full check of electrical wiring, sockets, fuses and apps if the property is old, and by that we mean 50 years or more. If you’re looking for a registered electrician, then get in touch with us here at VC Electrical.