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Electricians tips: electrical safety in the garden

Val Chisolm

Sometimes from time to time, we may need to use electrical appliances in the garden, and with this in mind, it comes as no surprise that in actual fact, there are all sorts of hidden dangers lurking there. our team of experienced electricians in Edinburgh know that electrical equipment outdoors is quick and convenient but because of bad weather it can sometimes be dangerous. Of course, water and electricity are poor bed fellows and we all know how important it is not to mix the two.

Residual Current Devices or RCD

This is very important and should be used with sockets. Without it, if you get a shock using a lawnmower or hedge trimmer or any appliance which uses electricity, then it could kill you. Make sure you test the button on the RCD to make sure it’s working properly, that is unless it’s been tested within the past 3 months.

When you’re using the lawnmower, or trimmer to keep the garden tidy make sure you keep the cables, plugs and any connections free from potential damage. You don’t want to cut the cables instead of the grass, because that is one hazard you definitely want to avoid.

Electrical manufacturers you can trust

To help you stay safe in the garden always make sure that all garden equipment is bought from trustworthy and well-known manufacturers. If you’re going to be using trimmers, make sure you’re wearing goggles and gloves. Never attempt to cut grass when it’s wet, or at least don’t use any appliances which require electricity. Make sure you’re always wearing shoes and not sandals so your feet are covered, keep children well away from any appliances and unplug the lawn mower once you’re no longer using it.

Garden ponds

Obviously, the risk of an accident with electricity is much higher near a pond, so be extra careful. Your water pumps should be correctly installed in order to prevent any nasty accidents and it should be of good quality, bought from a well-known manufacturer, protected by an RCD, with protected cables and in good condition.

VC Electrical – premier electricians Edinburgh

If you have any further questions regarding what we’ve discussed in this post, then get in touch with us here at VC Electrical. We’re here to help as well as provide a service, so if there’s anything you’re unsure of, be sure to give us a call, and one of our professional team members will be more than happy to advise and guide on this, or on any other matter of concern.