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Our Work

Take a look at some of the jobs our Edinburgh electricians have completed across our range of electrical services to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Case Studies

2020 VISIOn, opticians - FULL SHOP REFIT

Carried out a full shop refit at 2020 Vision, opticians.

project brief

This job we took four weeks from start to completion. We worked 14 hour shifts to avoid as much interruption for the business as possible. Job consisted of power, lighting, emergency lighting and fire alarm installation. 

The shopfitting was carried out by LS Shopfitting. More detail to follow.

Defrillibator installs

Defibrillator installs in East Lothian

Project Brief

We were contacted by a local charity to install 5 defibrillator units in the North Berwick and Gullane area. 

Our Approach

Liaising with community council we learned that one of the individuals raising funds was a friend of ours. We were more than happy to get involved in installing potentially life saving equipment at local venues.


Carried out at Davidsons Feeds, West Lothian

Project Brief

The client requested better lighting for their yards for when lorries were moving around during the winter months and at night. They were also fed up with the constant upkeep of the existing sodium option and were looking for a low-maintenance alternative.

Our Approach

We recommended Agron LED 150W flood lights to provide better illumination, this came with a 5 year warranty. We used the existing power which we could isolate individually by removing the fuse in the base of the pole or from the local fuse board. Using a cherry picker and a team of 3 people we completed the work on schedule within 2 weeks.

The client was so pleased with the work we carried out they have since referred us to several similar businesses.

This type of LED lighting is perfect for use in car-parks, car showrooms, farms, warehouses, garages, schools and a whole host of other commercial and public areas.

Office Installation, Inc. Audio-Visual

This  55" TV installation was carried out at Michael Laird Architects in Edinburgh.

Project Brief

The client wanted to create a boardroom that was suitable for presentations and meetings that utilise modern technology, including a 55" television and full compatibility with laptops and iPads.

Our Approach

We provided multiple connections for laptops via an HDMI connection fed through a floor box under the desk. We also set-up iPads to connect to the Apple TV and supplied power and the internet connection for the TV to ensure full Smart TV functionality. All cables were concealed within the walls and under the floor, which was solid concrete, to keep the space tidy and avoid trip hazards. We also organised a plasterer and painter to finish off the job once the electrical work was completed to ensure the space was ready to use straight away.


Ross's of Edinburgh Power Migration

The Confectioner factory was divided into 2 units and an additional 3 phase supply was provided by Scottish power.

Project Brief

Our job was to install a new fuse board and migrate existing electrical circuits onto new board and minimise down time for the business.

Our Approach

We provided a new isolator and bus bar chamber to distribute the existing 3 phase supplies to the other fuse boards within the property. This was carried out over a weekend to prevent down time for the business.

Garden Lighting

Electricians in Edinburgh
Electricians Edinburgh
Garden Lighting Edinburgh
Garden Lighting Edinburgh

Garden lighting project in Corstorphine.

Project Brief

The client was looking for external lighting that she could enjoy when sitting in the garden. 

Our Approach

We suggested using led spike lights on the ground to light up the features around the garden and can be directed and adapted as the seasons change. 
We also installed the lights on a timer and dusk sensor so the lights would come on when it got dark and switch off at the desired time. 

The work lasted around 2 days from start to finish and was completed within budget. 

Gullane Extension

lighting project in in Gullane

Project Brief

The client was building and extension and the contacted us directly to undertake electrical work including external lighting, internal lighting, power and audio visual.

Our Approach

We were shown the plans and over a few visits agreed timescales and costings. We worked along side the builders and plumbers to ensure the project ran on time and on budget.

Period Property lighting

Outdoor lighting project in Buckstone, Edinburgh

Project Brief

Rewire existing original coach lanterns around the property. The client had issues for years with power tripping especially when it rained. After inspecting the installation we advised that the whole external lighting circuit was completely renewed as it hadn’t been installed correctly.

Our Approach

We ran steel wire armoured cable to all 6 light fittings and renewed internal cabling inside the fittings. We also cut the path and refilled to bury the new cable. 

Electric Heating for local Nursery

project brief

We were contacted to advise in the best solution to heat a whole nursery mid winter as existing system had failed leaving them at risk of closure due to health and safety issues.

Our Approach

We recommended the Rointe Kyros energy efficient radiators as they are fully programmable and thermostatically controlled. 
In total we fitted 22 throughout the property. Mostly we fitted them at high level for safety reasons to keep them out of reach. 
We carried the work out over 2 weekends as it was more practical for everyone involved.

Driveway lighting

driveway lighting project in Braidhills

Project Brief

The client found the driveway very dark in the evenings when coming home and leaving in winter mornings.

Our Approach

We installed led bulkheads low level along the existing wall with motion sensors at either end to activate lights when leaving the house and when you enter the driveway.