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CCTV Cameras & Burglar Alarms

Our qualified electricians can secure and protect your home or business premises by installing our modern, advanced CCTV camera and burglar alarm systems.

CCTV Cameras AND Burglar Alarms

Security Cameras AND Alarms For Your Business or Home

Secure and protect your home or business premises with our modern, advanced CCTV camera and burglar alarm systems. We’ll carry out a review of your premises, and the existing security measures that are in place, in order to make an informed recommendation of which security system would be most suitable for your requirements.

Choosing CCTV Cameras

Security cameras bring a variety of security benefits to your home or place of business, these include:

  • 24-hour monitoring and protection, 365 days a year.

  • CCTV is a visual deterrent to any potential intruders who won't want to caught on camera.

  • You can monitor your CCTV cameras remotely via a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Security cameras make for safer workplaces as their presence encourages staff to stick to health & safety guidelines and discourages aggression from staff or customers.

  • The presence of security cameras reduces instances of retail theft as shoplifters prefer to target stores with poor security measures in place.

  • CCTV cameras eliminate the possibility of fraudulent insurance claims in the workplace.

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Finding the Right Burglar Alarm Systems

Security alarm systems have proven to be an extremely effective deterrent to potential intruders to homes and businesses. More often than not a burglar will be discouraged from attempting forced entry to a premises, if they’re aware a burglar alarm is in place.

If a burglar does decide to break into your home or business you will be immediately alerted. Whether you’re inside at the time and hear the alarm go off, or you’re away and receive notification of the breach to your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you can alert the police straight away.

Intruder alarms can also be fitted to be directly monitored by the police with an annual charge, meaning the police will respond directly to any activation of the alarm. These type of systems are particularly useful for commercial properties that are vacant during the night or at weekends.

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Home security systems

It isn't easy finding the security system that is right for your home or business, especially if you haven't had to look before. The process can be confusing as there is a wide variety of CCTV cameras and burglar alarms available, it can be difficult to work out which is most suitable for your requirements.

We have a knowledgeable and experienced team that can assist you in selecting the right system after discussing your specifications. Your system will be installed and tested by a fully qualified electrician who will also take the time to explain how you will operate the system so you have complete confidence in controlling it.

Get in touch today for your free security review and ensure you keep your business or home protected and safe.