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Fuse Board Replacement Edinburgh

Our qualified electricians provide a seamless fuse board replacement service that meets stringent standards. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

fuse board replacement edinburgh

Fuse Box Replacement, EDINBURGH

Today, there are still many homes in the UK with old fuse boards or fuse boxes which are out of date. This means that many householders aren’t fully protected from the risk of electrical harm. It’s therefore important, to ensure that you have an up to date fuse board that complies with modern fuse box installations and standards and provides additional protection to you, your family, or if you’re a business owner your employees.

Fuse Box Installation

By installing a 17th Edition RCD protected fuse board you’ll prevent the risk of electric shock or fire in your home or business premises.

  • An RCD is a life saving device which completely switches off electricity supply in the event of any electrical fault

  • This is designed to prevent you from getting a potentially fatal electric shock. For example, if you cut through the cable when mowing the lawn and accidentally touched the exposed live wires, or a faulty appliance overheats causing electric current to flow to earth 

  • It can also provide some protection against electrical fires

  • RCDs offer a level of personal protection that ordinary fuses and circuit-breakers simply can no longer provide

A fuse board installation takes on average, around four hours to complete, although this may vary between properties. Our expert electricians will advise you how long this should take before work commences. Our aim is always to minimise any disruption to you or your business.


Consumer units (CU) are similar to fuse boards and fuse boxes and can be replaced for various reasons. This includes replacement where the existing unit does not meet the requirements of BS 7671, for example, where there is no RCD protection. Or there may be no spare capacity in the existing consumer unit to connect additional circuits. It may be that consumer unit replacement has been recommended following a periodic inspection, or it could be that the existing consumer unit is in a poor condition.


Replacing Fuse Boards to meet british standards

Our qualified electricians provide seamless fuse board, fuse box or consumer unit replacement service, ensuring this meets strict British regulatory standards. VC Electrical will also inspect your existing electrical installation for any faults and provide a completion certificate, providing you with peace of mind that all of your electrical equipment is safe and compliant.


electrical fuse board replacement

We have over 20 years worth of experience, all of our electricians are highly skilled and fully qualified. We’ve the knowledge and expertise and offer a wide range of electrical services to provide your home or work premises with a streamlined service that ensures quality workmanship, timely installations, and more importantly 100% safety for all concerned.

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fuse board replacement edinburgh