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Is your electrical equipment safe to use?

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We highly recommend PAT testing for all business premises. This could save lives and it’s the law. All electrical equipment has to be maintained on a regular basis so it’s safe to use. How often depends on the equipment and what it’s used for. Also, the history of previous checks will play a big role.

The only way you can know if your electrical equipment is safe to use is if you have it tested.

The best people to do this are our qualified electricians in Edinburgh. If you contact the team at VC Electrical we’ll make sure your electrical equipment is always safe to use.

How often should I test my electrical equipment?

When thinking about how often you should have your electrical equipment tested, you will need to take into consideration certain factors. If you have equipment that’s used quite often, then naturally this may need to be tested more often as problems will get noticed swiftly. If there’s noticeable damage, there’s a good chance it won’t become a major issue because it will be pretty obvious it’s not fit to use. It’s when something hasn’t been reported, that you can expect problems as accidents can happen when everyone’s caught off guard. Hand held equipment is often likely to become damaged and cause an accident rather than something stationary. These are described by electricians as class one appliances, therefore they need to be tested regularly.

There’s a high risk of accidents, when you don’t have reliable electrical appliances PAT tested

Electrical injuries can result in everything from shock leading to death, electrical fires - which not only damage buildings but pose a risk to human life - also burns, falls and electrocution. Accidents of this nature can be prevented if appliances are PAT tested regularly.

VC Electrical for Portable Appliance Testing – (PAT) from reliable experienced electricians

As reliable, experienced and qualified electricians we’re the best people to carry out PAT testing on your appliances. We work at commercial premises as well as residential homes, so if your electrical equipment needs testing then we’re ideally suited to help out. Faulty equipment kills, so don’t leave it to chance and put your colleagues or clients at risk. We’re also here to help with tenant’s safety, landlord services and any residential issues. Give us a call today and get your electrical appliances tested to ensure they’re safe to use.