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The importance of a robust fire alarm system

Val Chisolm

Accidents within the workplace, as a result of fire, place your employees, customers and business premises, at risk. Fires can break out in different and less occupied parts of a building, leading to potential escape routes being blocked. It’s therefore of paramount importance, to be able to identify the signs of a fire quickly and our experienced electricians in Edinburgh can help with a fire alarm installation. This not only helps to save lives, it also minimises damage to your premises and overall disruption to your business operations.

Fire alarms - protecting colleagues and business from fire damage 

Fire alarm installation not only offers your business premises robust protection, but with current fire safety regulations being increasingly stringent, you could be breaking the law if you don’t install an appropriate fire detection system that covers your building. Fire Safety Legislation in the UK already places a great duty-of-care on business owners with severe legal ramifications for non-compliance. With an increased focus on regulation, this is something which is only likely to to get more difficult.

Why do you need a fire risk assessment?

A suitably well designed and maintained fire detection system - a fire alarm installation - gives you early warning of the risks of fire and very often prevents damage from happening at all. Most UK businesses require a fire alarm and exactly what type and system can be decided after having had a fire-risk-assessment, a legal requirement for any UK business employing five people or more.  VC Electrical can carry out an independent fire risk assessment for you, and provide you with immediate guidance on the best alarm requirements for your business premises. Particular consideration is given on where in the building the fire alarm system should be installed. Once a fire alarm system is up and running, you’ve complete peace of mind knowing that your work colleagues are safe from the destructive and often life threatening effects caused by fire.

 VC Electrical Can Install Your Fire Detection System

VC Electrical can install an industry leading fire detection and alarm system combined with suitable service packages to ensure the safety of not only your employees, but your business assets and your property. We pride ourselves on designing, installing and maintaining market leading fire detection systems that comply with the very latest British Standards. We work with leading manufacturer CTEC who provide a range of services from conventional fire detection to the very latest analogue and digital systems.  When the alarm location and design has been completed, our expert, fully qualified fire alarm specialists, will install your fire alarm system with minimum disruption to your business. We always deliver the very highest standard of installation. Following your alarm installation, comprehensive training in the operation of the fire alarm system is also provided, including details of how to carry out regular fire alarm tests.

VC Electrical for all your fire alarm needs

Not only are we experts in helping you select and install the right fire detection system, but we’re always available to regularly service and maintain your fire alarm, giving you complete confidence that your business premises and other assets - not to mention your people - are fully protected against accidents caused by fire.

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