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Do you need your fuse boards checked or maybe even replaced?

Website Editor

Electricity is a very dangerous power; in the wrong hands it can kill. In this post we tackle fuse board replacement and why these should be checked and, where needed, updated. 

Electrical safety is paramount for your entire family

I’m sure you’ll agree that the safety of you and your family is really important and electrical hazards can trip you up, making the possibility of an electrical fire or a shock inevitable if you haven’t checked everything is working as it should. This also extends to the working environment too. Electrical safety is important to all your staff if you have responsibility for them. Your working colleagues always need to be safe if you manage a business or office. So, if you have responsibilities for people then you’ll must ensure you’ve got any electrical issues immediately rectified and any repairs fully brought up to date. In this latter case you’ll also need to make sure you’re fulfilling regulatory obligations.

Your fuse-box may need replacing, but how will you know?

It’s worth knowing where your fuse-box is and whether it needs repairing or replacing. You need to know what a Residual Current Device (RCD) is and what to look out for in order to ascertain whether repairs are in order.  Fortunately VC Electrical is on hand to help, with tips to help you:

Here are some things to check when looking at your fuse-box:

  • RCDs are essential because they cut out the electric power should anything go wrong, so you don’t get a shock. If your fuse-box is older than 25 years, then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have an RCD. This should be rectified immediately

  • An RCD can detect even the smallest current leakage and disconnect the power right away, helping you avoid injury and electrocution

  • Are the lights flickering or are your sockets not working? This could be a sign that the fuse box is on its way out

  • Old fuse-boxes used asbestos and as we all know the fibres that come from asbestos can be extremely harmful so there’s another good reason to replace it.

VC Electrical – for professional, expert electrical guidance and safe and reliable fuse-box replacement

We’ve an experienced team of qualified and registered electricians and this makes us more than capable to inspect your fuse-box and replace it where required. We can install a new one in next to no time without any fuss. We work to robust standards set by the British Regulatory Standards (BSI). If you’re feeling uneasy about your fuse-box, why not give us a call. It might just save your life.