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It’s Summer - take care with electrics outdoors!

Website Editor

Now the summer’s eventually here, you’ll hopefully be out in the garden carrying out general maintenance work and also keeping your lawn in check. There’s obviously going to be some emphasis on the use of electricity to power some of the things you’ll be doing. This also means there’ll be certain safety issues you need to take into consideration when you’re outside. Our electricians in Edinburgh have some top tips to ensure your electrical safety is paramount.

Electrical safety is important indoors as well as outdoors

Keep in mind that although we’re talking about outdoor safety, we also need to point out the importance of keeping yourself safe indoors too. For instance, if you’re plugging a cable into a socket so you can use a lawnmower outside, then you need to think about your safety. Always make sure you are using an appropriate length of electrical cable extension and that the plug is firmly in the socket before starting. Also, make sure the grass is dry enough to mow it, wet grass can cause an electrical shock. You must also make sure you know where the cable is at all times and that you’re not liable to cut it with the mower itself.

Check all electrical appliances before use

Before you start doing anything always check your electrical appliances before using them, if they’ve been stored away over the winter, you don’t know what might be amiss. Always check the sockets and wiring as well as the apparatus itself.

Always switch off at the socket before you clean appliances

Before you clean equipment after use, or adjust it, always make sure it’s switched off at the socket first. Store all of your equipment in a dry safe place where water and damp won’t affect it, that way when you do use it for the first time, there’s less likelihood they’ll pose a danger to your safety.

VC Electrical for all your electrical installation requirements

VC Electrical can help with your electrical outdoor needs by installing additional sockets near front and back doors or near conservatories. This should help make the area safer when using electrical power anywhere near or actually outside. Contact us today to find out more. No job is ever considered too big or too small.