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Do you need a fuseboard replacement?

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There are a few things you need to take into account when considering whether you need a fuse board replacement. We’ll detail the most important aspects in this blog to give you a much better idea of what you need to know. Our electricians in Edinburgh can help you by taking a routine check of your electrics and if necessary installing a new fuse board.

You might need a fuseboard replacement

If your fuseboard is old, it’s potentially dangerous and can be a fire hazard or cause electric shocks. Old fuseboards don’t have Residual Current Devices (RCDs), which are life saving devices that switch off a faulty supply of electricity preventing it from escalating into something far more damaging.

A high degree of protection with an Residual Current Device

An RCD is specifically designed to stop you from getting an electric shock, if you were, for example, to touch a live wire. It helps to protect you against small electrical fires too. An RCD offers a level of protection that could mean the difference between life and death.

How do you know whether or not your fuse board is healthy and fit for use?

A fuseboard should be easy to find, and from where it’s situated it provides your home’s electricity, making sure it’s distributed correctly, and the current evenly controlled. A fuseboard has circuit breakers that switch off circuits as soon as they detect any fault. The fuses themselves consist of wires running between two screws, and when overloads of current flow through the fuse wires, they can become extremely hot. Once the wires overheat, the electricity circuit is broken and automatically disconnects. It’s designed this way to keep everyone in your home or business premises safe.

Check your fuse board now

If you’ve just bought a property, or are in new business premises, and the fuse board/box supports cast iron switches throughout, and the box itself has a wooden back, it’s more than likely it will need replacing. It may also have a mixture of fuses that are quite old and could cause a fire. If your fuse board does need replaced you’ll need a qualified, trained electrician to replace it with one that has an RCD and a circuit breaker. You’ll ideally hire one that’s registered with a government approached scheme, that way you’ll know the electrician will carry out the job safely and accurately.

Fuse board replacements with VC Electrical

At VC Electrical, we’re fully qualified, trained and accredited electricians, so any work we carry out on your home of business will always be done safely, with minimum disruption. We’re experts in both fuseboard replacement and installation, we can inspect existing fuseboards and all other electrical equipment, making recommendations where needed. We take pride in offering a professional and seamless service, keeping you safe and sound, so why not give us a call to find out more.