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The importance of conducting an EICR

Val Chisolm

We’d like to talk to you today about Electrical Instillation Condition Reports (EICRs) which we believe to be one of the most important electrical checks there is. The importance of conducting one of these reports cannot be stressed enough. 

What is an EICR

An EICR is an inspection of the electrical installations in your home. It helps to identify any deficiencies or faults that could cause a serious accident. EICR reports also detect if there are any shock risks, with the recipient expected to resolve any issues. They’ll also spot any lack of bonding or earthing, tests will be carried out on circuits and the thoroughness of this type of report will leave no stone unturned. 

When should you get one?

An EICR should be carried every 10 years if you live in a domestic property, 5 in a commercial one and 3 in industrial premises. If you own a caravan, it should have a report no less than every 3 years. Landlords are also required to arrange an EICR report each time a tenant leaves a property. If you’re buying a new property you should have one before you move in as well.

Who should carry out an EICR report?

An EICR report should be carried out by a trained, qualified electrician registered by a government approved scheme. If you have an electrician who is a member of a government approved scheme it will prove he’s able and suitably qualified to carry out complex electrical work.

VC Electrical – for all your electrical needs.

Do you think you might need an EICR report carried out on your property? Whether your property is domestic or commercial, whether you rent out your property or you and your family live in it yourselves, check in with us and find out why having EICR carried out on your property is so important. We can give advice on when you will need to carry one out, and we’d be happy if you chose us to carry out the report itself. We’re all qualified, trained and registered electricians, and we’re all able to carry out an EICR on your property. Get in touch today. Make sure you put the safety of your family, tenants or co-workers first