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How to Choose an Electrician in Edinburgh

Val Chisolm

We’re looking at the importance of choosing the right electrician in Edinburgh, and that’s without wasting potentially thousands on someone who clearly isn’t up to the job. It can and does happen unfortunately, but if you do your homework, you can avoid disaster. 

Carry out some preliminary research online

It can be a minefield, but if you do a careful google search, then shave off the top 10 and narrow them down to a few you like, you can make the process more reliable. They’ll be quality electricians, but there’ll still be some more homework to do. Who’s used these electricians, find out, and see how reliable their testimonials are once you find them on their website. Hopefully, they’ll have given an authentic review of their services.

Are they a member of a government approved scheme?

The next thing to do is to check whether or not they’re members of a registered government scheme and whether they’re associated with respected industry standards. All electricians should be registered with an approved government scheme, because any electrician on one of these schemes will need to be qualified and trained to a high standard and will be therefore be qualified to carry out complex work safely.

Give your electrical companies a call

Call them – yes, get the company on the phone and ask them questions, they should be happy to answer all your queries consistently and fully, and let you know their skills and qualifications without you having to dig it out of them. Any bad feelings walk away. 

Always discuss costs

Yes, they should be priced competitively and if you narrow down your list of ten, you should be able to narrow down further to a final three. With this final few, you can ask for the cost of a job, and they should be able to give you a breakdown and details of any extra costs, so you know what you’ll be paying for before you sign anything. 

VC Electrical – Expert Electricians in Edinburgh

Take a careful look through our website and then contact us. We’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions and give you sensible answers. We can also talk to you about our previous work and show you our memberships and associations. We’re here for you so give us a call today, and if you need any work carried out we’ll be more than happy to discuss costs and give you a breakdown of what you’re paying for. We’re transparent about our costs because we like to offer competitive prices for our services.