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Landlords are responsible for electrical safety

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Being a landlord and owning property that you rent out to tenants carries a lot of responsibility. As part of your landlord services you’re responsible for the safety of your tenants. Fire and safety are naturally a concern when considering the safety and well being of your tenants. Our electricians in Edinburgh know the type of problems that can arise so we provide first class landlord services where tenant electrical safety is concerned.

Don’t let your tenants become a tragic statistic

You only have to pick up a newspaper to see, yet again, another tragedy as a result of carelessness when it comes to electrical safety in rented properties. We firmly believe in the importance of taking care of these fundamentally important details, what’s more it’s the law, and the consequences of not doing what’s required can land you with heavy fines and a prison sentence.

Electrical equipment and wiring

In accordance with the Electrical Equipment Safety Regulations 1994, all electrical wiring and equipment must be tested to ensure it’s safe and fit to use during the duration of the tenant’s stay and then tested again before a new one moves in. PAT tests should be carried out on all electrical appliances, and wiring should also be checked every five years by someone who’s qualified to do so.

Fire safety

As a landlord you must make sure there are smoke alarms in designated areas, as there have been many unnecessary deaths due to the absence of smoke alarms. In short they save lives. You can see more details on smoke alarms by visiting the Scottish Government website where you’ll find out more. Don’t compromise on alarms because not only can their absence endanger life, it could land you with a prison sentence. With such a heavy responsibility it can seem a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be, as long as you have a clear idea of what you need to do before tenants move into your property, you should be fine. Preparation is key and making sure everything is in place before tenants have settled down. Don’t leave it till the last minute.

VC Electrical - reliable, experienced and qualified electricians in Edinburgh

At VC Electrical we can help you with all of this. We’re experts in carrying out PAT tests and smoke alarm installation in fact we not only have years of experience, we’re qualified and trained to do so. If we see any problems we’ll give you a report detailing what they are and what you need to do to rectify it. We’ll also explain it all in clear, easy to understand language. We are able to ensure the safety of your rental properties and make sure they’re compliant with relevant Scottish law, so get in touch with us today and speak to one of our experts about your requirements.