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Benefits of LED Lighting in Your Home

Website Editor

Today I’m going to be talking to you about LED lighting and why it’s so beneficial for your home. You may know something about LED lighting or perhaps very little. LED lighting is energy efficient, and although they cost a little more upfront, you’ll find they save you money over time. They use a fraction of the energy needed for other bulbs, so you’ve got something that will be kind to the environment as well as to your pocket in the long-term. And as we are the most reliable and experienced electricians in West Lothian we feel we’re the best team to give you the low down on the benefits of LED lighting.

The reason why LED bulbs are so much more energy efficient is because they emit light hemispherically rather than spherically and this then helps to reduce waste in light and energy. This means they’re becoming increasingly popular in homes up and down the country because they’re so much better for the environment.


As we’ve already touched on LED lighting lasts much longer than conventional light bulbs and far exceeds the expected life expectancy of your average bulb. They can last for at least 20 years, and that’s even if you have them switched on all day long without ever switching them off. So even though you’re paying much more for them, you’ll get your investment back over time.

Durable and Tough

You’ll also be pleased to know how durable and tough LED lights are. They don’t break anywhere as easily as you’d think and the glass they’re made of is so much stronger. If you do drop them they won’t break into tiny pieces making the floor a danger zone for anyone walking through the room.

Work Well In All Temperatures

Whatever the temperature LED light bulbs will always work. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot or cold they’ll continue to operate. They work in cold temperatures as well as hot, so they can be used outdoors as well as indoors, making them an extremely versatile source of lighting. If you do decide to have them outside, you’ll be giving your home a secure form of lighting, helping to make your home safe from potential burglars.

Recyclable, Reduced Carbon Footprint

Finally, LED lights are 100% recyclable and this, along with their long life, reduce their carbon footprint. They’re environmentally safer and use far less materials, so there’s less waste, so if you care about the environment and the mark you’re making on the planet, LED lights should be the perfect choice.

VC Electrical – For The Best Electricians in Edinburgh that Always Deliver on Customers Service

So, there you have it, all the best reasons to invest in LED lighting for your home. If you think you’d like to invest in LED lights, then get in touch because that’s what we’re here for, to help, to help keep your home safe and give value products that deliver on their promise. Get in touch today and one of our team will be more than happy to help you.