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The Importance of Smoke Alarms

Website Editor

Today’s post we’re going to be discussing the importance of smoke alarms. Smoke alarms can save lives, and because we’ve worked with electrics and the dangers of fire for so many years as electricians in Edinburgh we know what we’re talking about. We’re hoping that by the time you’ve read this you’ll be more knowledgeable and more aware of how important it is to have a smoke alarm installed in your home.

Being without a smoke alarm can cost lives

Firstly, we’re going to give you a few statistics so you’re aware of how dangerous it is to be without an alarm. Each year 500 lives are lost to house fires with most occurring in the middle of the night between midnight and six in the morning. This is when most people are asleep and most likely to be slower in reacting to suspicious smells or sounds. In fact, according to First Alert UK, your sense of smell will decrease to the point of non-existence, so having an alarm in place will give you a significantly greater chance of escape.

Faulty electrical appliances are often the culprit in home fires

There are just under 60,000 house fires a year here in the UK and most of them are caused by electrical faults, mostly misuse of equipment, and these are mostly cooking appliances. So, you will begin to see why making sure your appliances are safe to use and that you use them properly plays a part here too.

Misuse of smoke alarms can be hazardous

You would think that once someone buys a smoke alarm for their home they were safe, but you’d be surprised at how once installed, smoke alarms are largely neglected in some homes. This can be lethal. It’s estimated that at least 30% of alarms in the UK don’t work because their batteries are flat, or someone’s disconnected the batteries.

So why is it important to have a smoke alarm?

Its importance lies in its ability to give you fair warning of imminent fire giving you plenty of time to react. There are lower rates of casualty as a result of having a smoke alarm installed. First Alert UK tells us that a smoke alarm will give you four times the chance of surviving a fire.

VC Electrical qualified and experienced electricians, Edinburgh – for all your electrical faults, wiring and smoke alarms

If you’re having smoke alarms fitted in your home and you’ve decided on electrical ones, then please have them fitted by our electricians in Edinburgh. We’ve plenty of experience, and we’re all fully qualified and trained to carry out electrical work and install electrical smoke alarms. Remember, if you have any appliances you’re not sure of get in touch and we can repair, better to be safe and sorry.