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Electrical safety advice for the whole family

Website Editor

What can you do to keep yourself safe at home with electrics? Accidents can happen quickly and can result in a hospital visit or worse, so with this in mind we’ve come up with some electrical safety advice for all the family and we hope you find it of use.

As responsible electricians in Edinburgh we care about our customers, and because we’ve been doing this for over 20 years we know and understand the dangers of electricity. When you’ve been working with it for as long as we have, we know that while it’s useful and we’d be lost without it, it can also be extremely dangerous if you’re careless.


Naturally, appliances are extremely useful and necessary and they can be anything from a clock to an iron, from a microwave oven to a food mixer. When you’re not using your appliances always keep them out of the way, not left around with the socket on. Keep them out of the way of children especially, and of course any pets if you have them. Anything that can generate heat, like TVs, laptops or clocks should be given several inches to sit without being left in a cluttered area. This helps them to stay cool and for the heat to circulate. Whatever you do, don’t drape items on them. Follow instructions that come with your appliance to the letter if you can and don’t try any repairs yourself unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Keep all appliances away from water.


From appliances we come to cords, because all appliances come with its own cord. Always be vigilant with your electrical cords. Make sure you check each one for cracks and frays, any damage at all. Do this each time you use them and always make sure you only use cords for their intended use, they’re not for any other use, so never allow your children to play with them and especially when they’re switched into a socket. Always make sure you plug them in firmly so they’re all the way in and never nail your cords into a fixed position. If you use an extension cord, remember that it is only ever as a temporary measure, don’t use them all the time. When you reach to unplug an appliance from the wall, don’t tug on the cord itself but pull at the socket, from the plug.

VC Electrical

Reliable, dependable and experienced electricians in Edinburgh. With 20 years’ experience under our belt and a team of professional qualified and trained electricians, we know electricity inside, and out and we would always encourage our customers to treat electricity with respect and never play with it, or you could be literally playing with fire. If you have any questions about what we’ve discussed today, please get in touch with us here at VC Electrical, and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help.