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Best time to replace heating systems

Website Editor

When it’s time to replace your heating system, when is the best time to do it? If you’re planning on changing it and you’re not entirely sure when to do this, then today’s post should help.

You may find this surprising, but summer is the best time of year to change your heating system. The reason for this is because, as you can imagine, there’s a lot of disruption involved so summer is better. During the winter, you’re not going to want disruption in your heating supply. You’ll want it to be warm and cosy exactly when you need it, and changing from one system to another is going to mean switching your heating off for a time.

You’ll find an available engineer quicker

In summer from a practical standpoint, your boiler engineer is going to be less busy in the warmer months. There’s going to be less demand on his/her time, and this means you’ll be able to get someone in quickly. This will also give you time to shop around a bit and find an engineer who is just right for you and your home. Take three final quotes from those you like the look of and then decide which is the right one.

Frozen house, frozen pipes – not a good mixture

As you can imagine you’re going to be without a boiler for a few days while you’re getting the new one fitted. This isn’t going to be exactly ideal if it’s in the middle of winter when the weather is at its coldest. If your boiler is out of action for a few days then you could get frozen pipes and that’s not good. If you have it all done in this summer these are things you can avoid, so you’ll have a stress-free winter.

Plan ahead

By planning ahead you’re giving yourself time to choose the right heating system for you and also giving yourself that extra time to understand how it works and how to operate it, especially if you’re transferring over to something you’ve not used before.

Reduced energy bills, kinder to the environment

By sorting your heating system out in advance you’ll save money in the long-run too. You can reduce your utility bills by changing over to a more efficient heating system, a system that has a better energy rating so you’ll save money and the environment. By giving yourself extra time, you’re going to gain advantages in terms of adjustment to a new system, saving on energy bills and reducing the disruption by having it done in winter, when you’re going to need your heating to be working efficiently to counteract the cold.

For the best electricians in Edinburgh, it has to be VC Electrical

We are a team of busy and successful electricians in West Lothian, we’re fully trained, qualified and reliable. Our work is mostly by word of mouth and we love what we do. We consider customer service to be of great value and we won’t leave any job if it’s less than satisfactory. Want to change your heating system? Why not get in touch and let us do it, let’s talk about what you want from your heating system.