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Why choose outdoor LED lighting?

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Why would you choose to use LED lighting instead of conventional lighting? We’re going to be discussing this in today’s post, because we believe that LED lighting is by far the better option, and we’re going to spend some time explaining why.

What are the benefits and advantages of using energy efficient LED lighting?

Basically, LED lighting provides an intelligent solution to conventional lighting, in that it saves energy, and in turn saves you money. Rather than constantly replacing your outdoor lighting, with the use of LED you’ll be using them for much longer before they run out.

Digital benefits and less energy consumption

LED lighting has many other benefits too. LED is digital, and through being digital rather than analogue, the earth benefits as well as your wallet. As well as being kind to your wallet and the planet, LED lighting lasts a long time, it works even in bad weather, it’s low maintenance and it uses at least 90% less energy than conventional lighting. Because they’re low maintenance you won’t have to spend time constantly replacing failed lights and this is good, because if you have lights as a security or safety measure, you won’t have to worry about them constantly going off or wearing out.

Efficiency and flexibility

They’re efficient because they outperform fluorescent and incandescent light sources and the light produced by LED is so directional that it helps when deciding where to place the lights outside your home, as you know exactly where the light will fall.

Great energy savings

LED lights use very little power, and as a result give great energy savings for you as a homeowner. LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular globally as a result of this, and the more LED lighting that’s used, the better it is for the planet.

They burn just as brightly

The argument that LED lights aren’t as bright as the old lights is a bit of an old myth. The wattage system is slightly different to the old incandescent bulbs; however, they do give out as much light and are every bit as bright. The good thing about LED though is that it gives out as much light but uses less energy.

LED lighting is versatile

Another benefit of using LED lights is that they don’t produce quite the same amount or kind of heat as incandescent bulbs, and this also means there’s no IR radiation. This allows LED lights to be used in places that would otherwise be unsafe such as near or in food or textiles.

VC Electrical for all your lighting needs, indoor or outdoor.

If you’re on the lookout for outdoor lighting, and we’ve convinced you that LED lighting is a worthwhile investment, then why not get in touch with us here at VC Electrical the experts in outdoor lighting. We know enough about this area to help you with your questions, so get in touch today about what we’ve discussed, or on any other matter.