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How to save on your energy bill this Winter

Website Editor

With energy bills on the rise, how can you save on energy bills this winter? Here at VC Electrical we’ve come up with some great new ideas on how you can do this, so if you’re struggling with the rise in prices and you’d like to find out a bit more on how you can benefit, read on and we’ll pass on a few tips. Here at VC Electrical, our electricians in Edinburgh and the Lothians are always happy to help.

As the temperature drops you’ll naturally want to turn the heating up and while this will cost you money, there are things you can do to save in other ways at the same time.

Firstly, consider turning off any standby appliances. Even if you’re not using them, the heat they take up can add to your energy bills. It’s at least thirty pounds you can add to your kitty in a year just by simply turning things off at the plug.

What About Water?

You’ll save money on a water meter but don’t waste money by heating water you don’t use. Only boil the water you need and don’t let taps run for longer than they need to, if you are going to wash up then use a washing up bowl and fill it and use only that amount.


Make sure your home is draught proof. Losing heat through poor insulation is a sure way to waste energy. You’re more likely to turn up a thermostat when you have a draughty room, when the solution is to simply provide your home with effective draught proof materials. You could try things like draught excluders for the doors, and there are kits you can buy that will help insulate little areas where heat can escape, like cracks in floors, letterboxes and any unused chimneys. You could also find out about insulating your walls and your roof.

Wash Clothes At A Lower Temperature

This can really help, 30 degrees should be enough to get clothes clean and most washing detergents today get stains out at 30, and you’ll use far less energy as a result.

A New Boiler May Also Help

You can also install a new boiler if you think yours is not performing adequately. If it’s old, then it probably isn’t, and boilers today must usually have an A rate to be energy efficient. They usually come with room thermostats and radiator controls. By modernising your existing boiler or replacing with a brand new one you could be saving a significant amount of money.

You’ll Be Amazed At The Difference Double Glazing Can Make

Double glazing is a must and rooms will feel much warmer as a result. You’ll be able to turn your heating down and you’ll save a lot over the course of the first year alone. You’ll see a real difference and although there’s an initial investment, you’ll get this back over time.

For More Energy Saving Heats and Tips, Speak To One Of Our Electricians in Edinburgh Here At VC Electrical.

We hope our tips on saving on your energy bills have helped today. Once you get in to the swing of things it’ll all seem easier, it’s about breaking bad habits and adopting new ones. If you’re still looking for smarter ways to save money, then get in touch with VC Electrical and we’ll be more than happy to help you. There are so many more heat saving tips that we’ve not covered in today’s post such as LED lighting and things you can do with electrical heating. So, give us a call and let us help you.