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Benefits of Electric Heating

Website Editor

Today we’re talking about the benefits of electric heating. You may have been put off in the past because of the expense, or that you could never match the versatility of gas central heating. Well, you’re going to be surprised today, because we’re here to tell you that electric heating can be everything you want it to be and more. It could also put the heating back under your control.

Firstly, How Does It Work?

Electrical heating works in a similar way to gas, in that it operates from a boiler, in this case an electrical boiler. With electric heating you can have the heated towel rail, the radiators and panel heaters. There’s a really versatile range of heating products you can choose for your home that matches your budget and your lifestyle.

Cheap Installation

Another great advantage of electric heating is that it’s cheap to install. There’s no need for pipes, so there’s minimal disruption when you have it fitted. Each radiator works independently, so you can add as many or as little radiators to your home as your budget allows. Electric heating allows you more control over things such as energy usage and room temperatures

It’s Also Energy Efficient

A central heating system delivers more heat through the pipes and thus wastes energy, whereas with electric heating you only use what you need, so if you need to use only one radiator you won’t have to activate the entire system to do it. You can heat each module independently so you can heat single rooms. Your heaters will simply plug into a socket so they’ll be efficient at the point of delivery.

Electric Heating is Durable and Cost Efficient, Lasting Up To and Over 15 Years

Gas boilers require yearly maintenance and have a lifetime of 10 years, unlike electric heating systems. No energy is wasted in the flue and all fuel is turned into heat, so there’s no waste. There’s also no maintenance and no yearly inspection necessary, which adds cost to the running of a system. Electric heating needs none of this.

With Electric Heating You’re in Control

With electrical heating there are accurate thermostatic controls, this means on-the-money, spot-on room temperatures, thus ensuring the kind of optimum comfort that no only keeps you warm instead of hot, comfortable instead of freezing, but using only the exact amount of energy it needs.

VC Electrical, Reliable and Experienced Electricians in Edinburgh

As responsible electricians in West Lothian we know how important it is to work safely with electricity, so if we come and install electric heating in your home, you’re guaranteed that it’ll be installed safely. We also know, from having worked with previous customers that electric heating is easier to control, cost efficient and comes without the worrying safety and maintenance aspects of gas central heating. If you’d like to discuss the possibility of having electrical heating installed in your property, get in touch with us here at VC Electrical.