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What makes a good electrician in Edinburgh?

Val Chisolm

What makes a good electrician in Edinburgh is what would make a good electrician anywhere else in the UK. We’re going to be looking at some of the things you need to look out for when hiring an electrician, that way you can avoid making the common mistakes some people often make.

What to look for in an electrician

As you can imagine, being an electrician is hard work and involves years of training, both in college and on the job. It’s a hands-on profession where you need good coordination skills and the ability to work under pressure. You also need to know what to do in an emergency and be able to think on your feet. Working with electricity carries a lot of danger, the wrong circuit, the wrong component, and it can result in something bad happening.

Fully trained and experienced

As you can imagine then, it’s important that you have a fully trained and experienced electrician working in your home. They will have had hands-on practical experience as well as qualifications in order to be good at their job. They need to be able to navigate a problem and know what to do, offer a solution and make repairs safely and to time using quality equipment, materials and tools.

Customer service and communication skills

Good communication and a commitment to customer service is an essential skill and one you should look for when hiring one. They need to be articulate enough to be able to explain what the problems are and then explain to you what their chosen solution is. They should also be able to solve the problem right away or be able to recommend someone who can, with a realistic timeframe in which to complete the job.

How do you find someone with all these skills?

To begin with, ask for word of mouth recommendations from friends and work colleagues, and ask them what they were like to work with and how would they rate the work they carried out. Also check out their website, are they a member of a trade association? Do they have testimonials and pictures of the work they carried out for former customers, and can you get in touch with them to confirm they did the work?

Trade Association Membership

Being a member of a trade association is hard work and takes a lot of effort in order to become accredited. Electricians need to provide qualifications, evidence of training and continuing proof of personal development and technological improvement in their skill as an electrician. Therefore, if you do find an electrician claiming to be a member of a trade association, check they’re registered with them, and you’ll then know you’re dealing with someone who is who they say they are and that they’re qualified and trained to carry out the work.

VC Electrical – qualified, trained and experienced electricians in Edinburgh

If you’re looking for an electrician in Edinburgh to carry out work on your domestic or commercial property, get in touch with us here at VC Electrical. We’re an experienced team of professionals and we’d be happy to discuss your problem and provide a solution.