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Electric heating: the benefits

Val Chisolm

What are the benefits of electric heating systems? This is something we are going to be exploring in today’s post. We believe that a source of electrical heating has great benefits for homeowners, but read on to discover more.

Low-cost installation and quick to get up and running

Electric heating installation is easy, there’s no pipework, and it takes minutes to connect, you’ll also be pleased to know there’s minimal disruption to furnishings and fittings, so you’ll be up and running in no time. You can add to the heating as well by purchasing new heaters as and when required. All electrical heaters work as standalone units or as part of a simple electrical system, so you can always add to it if you need to.

You never waste heat

Rather than waste energy through the flue which is what happens with gas, electric heating uses up 100% of its energy for heat, it’s converted directly, and this is unique to electricity as opposed to wood and gas.

Instant heat and warmth

Electric heating is instant, you don’t have to wait for it heat it up. The device you use will respond right away and it’s silent too with no odour. You’ll never have to worry about contamination and you can control the heat better.

Electric heating is easy to control

There’s a single thermostat which will control the temperature of each room so the heater will automatically adjust to the temperature you’ve chosen, this way you’ll save on energy rather than wasting it and you’ll never be too hot or too cold. An electrical heating source is going to not only give you easy, instant heat, it’s also going to give you quick installation if you’re having it for the first time. Over a lifetime, it’s probably one of the most efficient and economically affordable heating system.

Little to no maintenance and no fluctuating prices

You’ll find that the heaters used with electric heating require very little in the way of maintenance as they rarely break down, so you will save on repair costs. Another advantage to having electrical heating rather than any other source of heating is that the price of electricity doesn’t fluctuate in quite the same way as other forms of energy, so you do save money in the long run and you can budget sensibly with no nasty surprises.

VC Electrical - for all your electrical heating needs

If you think you’d like to convert all your heating system over to electric heating, then get in touch with us here at VC Electrical. We have a team of qualified and trained professionals who are experienced in fitting electrical heating systems. We work hard to make sure our customers are satisfied with our level of service and prioritise communication and customer service very highly. Give us a call and let’s get that electrical heating system in place.