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Electricians tips: pet safety

Val Chisolm

What can you do to make sure your pets are safe around electricity? It’s important that you provide a safe environment for you pets, and that includes making sure that gas and electric appliances are not a danger to them when they’re around. Our team of electricians in Edinburgh focus on electric appliances and what you can do to make sure your pets are safe from harm when they’re in the home.

Don’t let curiosity be a danger to your pets

Curiosity is a wonderful thing and very entertaining, however, you’ve heard of how curiosity killed the cat, and electricity is dangerous to both animals and humans. So what can you do to protect your pets from accidents and hazards?

Check, check & double check

Firstly, always check what’s in your sockets, don’t overload them and don’t leave mobile phones to charge for too long, they can overheat. Don’t leave things running by themselves while you’re out, such as washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers. Also, keep in mind that curious pets can sometimes wander into interesting warm, dark areas, thinking they’ve found somewhere nice to sleep, check your washing machines and tumble dryers before you switch them on. Check all your plugs, lights, cables and sockets and make sure they’re not damaged in anyway, also look out for burn marks. If think you’re going out for a long period of time, don’t leave any heaters on unattended, portable ones are usually more of a danger, especially if your pets are a little excitable.

Pets like to chew things, puppies especially, so don’t leave cables attached to live sockets, that includes your mobile phones.

Electrical safety and your pets:

  • Don’t let your pets fall asleep near a socket that’s switched on, or near an open bar electric fire or portable heater

  • When you do have sockets in, make sure they’re all the way in, rather than hanging out, your pets may find it fascinating, but if they start to chew or attempt to pull them out, they could be electrocuted

  • Freestanding lamps can reach high temperatures, if knocked and they fall over, they could cause a fire

  • An electrical storm means keep your pets indoors

  • Aquariums should be watched, especially where cats are concerned. With electricity in mind make sure the electrical cords have drip loops so it controls the way the water travels safely

  • Underground electrical cables should be buried deep enough not to cause an accident should your dog be a little enthusiastic when it comes to digging.

Remember that electrical shocks can be every bit as dangerous to an animal as it is to a human, so always check them carefully if you think they’ve been near an appliance and had a shock.

Look Out For: -

  • Burn marks

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Abnormal heart rhythm

  • Loss of consciousness.

VC Electrical – safe and reliable electricians Edinburgh

As reputable electricians in Edinburgh, we understand that a good portion of our customers have pets and we know how dangerous electricity can be. That’s why when we send an electrician to your home to carry out some work, we always make sure we work safely and securely, making sure your home is safe from electrical hazards and accidents. If you’re unsure of anything, or if you have any questions resulting from today’s post, get in touch and one of our trained electricians will be more than happy to help.