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Choosing an electrician in Edinburgh

Val Chisolm

Choosing an electrician can be a minefield. It's important that you choose the right one, because if you end up with someone who doesn't really know what he's doing, you could put your family's lives at risk. That's one risk not worth taking, so why don't you read our guide on choosing an electrician in Edinburgh, and find one that helps you to solve your electrical problems safely.

Ask for ID

Before you start talking about quotes and jobs, you really need to check your electrician out, especially before you allow them into your home. There's no harm in asking to see his ID. If you find that they're not particularly enthusiastic about showing you any ID or discussing previous work, don't hire them. If it doesn't feel good, trust your intuition. You can also check them out on a register of competent electricians.

Are they qualified?

Ask to see qualifications and his certificates, they need to be fully qualified with all the necessary certificates.

Is your electrician registered?

Any electrician will need to be registered to be able to carry out an EICRs which is an Electrical Installation Condition Report, this has to be carried out on most properties, either by landlords for new tenants, or ideally for new owners before they move in to newly bought property. An Installation Condition Report is there to ensure the safety of all electrical wiring, appliances and fuses, that way you and your family are safe.

A good electrician will have references and testimonials

Make sure any electrician you hire has references. If they can show you customer testimonials that speak of their professionalism, then that's a good a place to start as any. They should also be able to show samples of their work perhaps, or ask around and see if you know anyone who used the electrician some time ago. Ask what they were like with regards to timeliness, professionalism, if they were courteous and if they were were happy with the work.

Electricians Insurance Policy

Does the electrician have an insurance policy and are they able to break down the bid he's given you to reflect all the costs for each part of the project? You may also want to ask about how long he's been in business, how he's managed to stay in business, does he have a good reputation?

An electrician should also be a member of a union and/or a trade or guild. This is another sign of professionalism that suggests he's a well qualified and trusted craftsman.

VC Electrical – first class Edinburgh electricians

We are a professional team of electricians with many years experience, if you think we're the team for the job, then why not contact us? We're happy to answer any questions you may about the work you need carried out, work we have carried out in the past, and what we can do for you.