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Use a Registered Electrician to Conform to Building Standards

Val Chisolm

Since may of 2015, new legislation means that homeowners and landlords have to prove that all new electrical work and changes to existing wiring meet with the new rules, and your local authority now have the right to remove or force you to change any electrical work you have carried out if it doesn’t.

It’s important therefore that you contract an electrician in Edinburgh that is registered with a government approved scheme, otherwise known as a ‘registered installer’, for all electrical work carried out in your home.

The Benefits of Contracting a Registered Installer

  • The installer can deal with all the rules for you

  • The installer will provide you with certificates to confirm that the work they have carried out meets the rules and was carried out by a competent electrician

  • You will get a refund on part of the fee for your building warrant

  • You will have access to a formal complaints procedure if the work doesn’t meet the rules.

How will I benefit from the new Building Standards system?

Using a registered installer ensures your work is carried out to a much higher standard and with that you can expect safer, better quality electrical work. In addition, when the work is complete you will receive certificates confirming that the work meets the legal standards of the Scottish Building Regulations 2004.

The certificates you will receive will include-

  • Certificate of Construction (Electrical Installations to BS 7671)

  • Electrical Installation Certificate (Minor Works Certificate)

Is it important a registered installer works on your home electrics?

Since the new rules were put in place it is now imperative that all your home electrical work is carried out by electricians in Edinburgh who have the skills, knowledge and experience required to avoid putting themselves or others in danger and who are registered with a government approved scheme.

Staying Safe in Your Home is Vital

It’s very easy to make an electrical circuit work – it’s far harder to make the circuit work safely.

It’s never been more necessary to contract a registered installer in Edinburgh to carry out any electrical work you need than it is today. If you try to cut costs and hire the wrong person you are not only putting your family and other people’s safety at risk, but in the long run it could cost you dearly financially too. If you can’t prove your electrical installations and rewiring work was carried out by a professional, registered electrician you may have to have all the work removed or replaced.

A registered installer or electrician in Edinburgh will always work to the UK national standard BS 7671 (Requirements for Electrical Installations), and upon completion will provide you with a safety certificate for all the electrical work completed. This is your proof, if the local authorities request it, that your electrical work has been designed, built, inspected and tested in line with the new legislation.