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How to keep your children safe from electric shocks

Val Chisolm

We are surrounded by electrical appliances in our homes and so it’s important to understand the risks involved, especially to children. However, that said, there aren’t as many injuries per year involving electricity like electric shocks as you might think. In fact, there is on average less than 60 children (under 15 years old) admitted to hospital after an electric shock per annum, compared to almost 50,000 being admitted due to falls.

It’s comforting to know that due to safety regulations children are being kept much safer, but staying vigilant with electrical safety should still be a priority. Even though the potential of electric shocks may be low, the possibility of electrical equipment starting house fires is still quite high and therefore it makes sense to get your appliances regularly checked by a qualified electrician based in Edinburgh.

Keeping your children safe from electricity

So what can you do to keep your children safe from the potential electric shocks or accidents then?

The main danger areas to look out for are -

  • Plug sockets

  • Socket extensions

  • Extension cords

Plug sockets

What is it about plug sockets that attract children so much? They just love to try and put their little fingers in the holes, shove peas in them or try to fit their toys in them. Maybe it is because they see us using them or maybe it is because they look like little faces.

Luckily though they are actually quite safe and you don’t really need to use socket covers to prevent shocks, but it still worth using them just to prevent any children plugging something in that they shouldn’t. They may not get an electric shock from a socket, but they may plug in your hair strengtheners or iron. One in ten burns amongst children are due to them handling hot hair straighteners. So please remember to turn them off and always put them away.

Socket extensions

It’s best to use the long bar extensions rather than the cubed. The cubed multi socket plugs add a lot more strain to your plug socket and whilst that may not result in an electric shock it could cause a fire as the plug socket and cube can easily overheat.

Extension cords

Like with everything in life, you get what you pay for and it’s best to pay some extra money when it comes to anything to do with electricity like an extension cord. Low quality cords can overheat easily or quickly become frayed through wear and tear.

It’s important to be aware of where they are placed as well. You should never run them under a carpet, near heaters that may melt the protective casing and certainly not near anywhere water pay spill like the bathroom or even the dogs watering bowl.


The Child Accident Prevention Trust recommend educating your children from a young age on the dangers of electricity and teaching them how to stay safe around electrical equipment.

For peace of mind you should also contact a local electrician in Edinburgh and have your electrical appliances checked and your house inspected for any potential danger areas.