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What are the benefits of electric central heating?

Val Chisolm

Electric central heating offers a whole host of benefits to homeowners. It can be a real asset to your home and your finances, providing you with an affordable and convenient way of staying warm and comfortable all year round. Read on for some of the great benefits of electric heating.

Quick and convenient installation

Electric heating installation is straightforward. There is no planning required; the system simply needs to be put in place and connected to the electrical circuits. Depending upon your home, installation could take only a few minutes. Maintaining, replacing, and upgrading the system can be equally painless.

No planning permission required

Electric central heating doesn’t require a system of pipes, or a flue. This gives you total freedom over how and where you install your heating, as you do not require planning permission to do so. This makes it a perfect choice if you are living in a listed building where minimal structural interference is allowed.

Design freedom and flexibility

You have a lot more options regarding the placement of your electric heaters. While they need to be connected to the central unit, this is done by wires and not pipes, making it a lot easier. You have more freedom over where each unit is placed, as creating space and routes for wiring is a lot easier than pipework. Adding additional units is also much easier with electric central heating than gas. This is particularly useful in the event that you have an extension or want to reconfigure a room. Where another type of system may not have the capacity to handle additional radiators, you can easily expand your electric central heating with additional units.

Affordable from start to finish

Because electric central heating is so easy to install the costs of doing so is much lower. You aren’t paying for hours and hours of a contractor’s time, as you would with a gas heater. Electric is cheap compared to other fossil fuel sources. Gas prices are soaring, and while electric is rising too, it is nowhere near at the same level. Plus, the energy that you put into your electric central heating all goes towards warming your home, so you are not paying for a resource that is being partially wasted. Electric heating units also last a lot longer than gas ones, so your initial investment will last you for a long time.

A smart choice for an environmentally friendly future

Electric central heating units can be run from energy generated by renewable sources. Even if you are getting your electricity from a company which generates power via traditional methods, your unit is already compatible with a more responsible future. With government targets to become more environmentally friendly over the next few years, your electric central heating system could be running off low carbon energy sources in the near future.

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