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A Guide To Electrical Rewiring

Val Chisolm

If you’re moving into a new property you may be wondering if the wiring is safe, you may be thinking about making changes such as electrical rewiring. However, the wiring may be of concern to you if the property is over 25 years old – or least it should be.

What signs should you be looking for?

There are certain clues to look out for and here we’re going to take a look at what should be your primary concern when considering electrical rewiring Edinburgh, in this friendly guide, so read on.

As we’ve already pointed out if your property is over 25 years old then it’s more than likely you’ll have to consider electrical rewiring, especially if you’re considering remodelling and carrying out major alterations. Your new electrical rewiring will need to conform to Part P: Electrical rewiring of the Building Regulations too. You’ll also in all likelihood need to replace the fuse box.

Cables, black rubber, lead and fabric

If your wiring is old then there are things you can look out for such as, cables coated in black rubber, lead or fabric. Check that the fuse box has a wooden back and if there are cast iron switches. You can also keep an eye out for round pin sockets (rather than the square ones we’re more accustomed to), flex with braiding that hangs from a ceiling rose and also look out for brown and black switches that are on skirting boards, and any wall mounted switches in bathrooms.

All of the above has probably been installed during the 1960s and will need changing along with the fuse box in order to be safe and to pass any safety checks under the Building Regulations.

Now you’ve identified what needs rewiring, what next?

You need to prepare the house before you let the electricians start work – this will make their job so much easier. You need to decide what it is you need doing from the outset, and this will make the job far more straightforward and less costly for you. If you change your mind halfway through because you’ve remembered something else you need doing as part of the rewiring job plans will have to be changed.

What is likely to happen during the rewiring of your property?

We aim to minimise disruption with dust, noise and mess during electrical rewiring using advanced equipment that helps us clean as we go. Don’t worry most electricians, including ourselves, will do a full clear up after they’ve finished as well as the ongoing tidying. It should take from a week to 10 days to complete, maybe less. There’ll be a team of electricians, up to 3, and they’ll start from the top and work their way down.

VC Electrical - Rewiring Edinburgh

Here at VC Electrical we like to make sure we know and understand exactly want you want and you know from us what to expect. That means the lines of communication should be open at all times and we feel that communicating with our customers is of paramount importance.

If you feel there are still certain aspects electrical rewiring in Edinburgh you’re not sure about or you’re worried about something, then get in touch and we’ll talk things through with you. You don’t have to choose us for your rewiring in Edinburgh, but if you do, you’ll have a professional, experienced and well qualified team of electricians on your side every step of the way, making sure that your rewiring job is done well, with minimum fuss and in a timely fashion.