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Landlord Electrical Safety Responsibilities Are Changing

Val Chisolm

New legislation from the December 1st 2015 regarding landlord electrical safety will force private landlords to do everything necessary to make sure their property is safe for habitation with a set of stringent electrical safety tests carried out by an expert.

These changes have been brought about in order to reduce the serious injuries and deaths caused each year by domestic fires, which have been caused by electrical faults. This will mean that everyone in the UK, including Scotland, will need to make sure all their hard wiring and appliances undergo electrical safety tests regularly, in order to make sure they’re safe.

How Do landlord Electrical Safety Changes Affect You?

If you’re a landlord, then you have reason to pay attention to this change, because your rented property will need to be inspected regularly by someone qualified and competent enough to carry these tests out. What you’ll need to do is find a professional who is qualified to do this on your behalf.

Not many people are aware of the changes in legislation at the moment, but it is something everyone will need to make sure they know and understand over the coming months.

The legislation has been brought in to protect those who may be vulnerable to fire caused by faults in electrical wiring, this can be dangerous and cost lives. In order to prove that you have your tenant’s safety a priority you will be expected to have these electrical safety tests carried out regularly.

All Landlords Need An Electrical Safety Certificate

Because of this new legislation, all landlords who rent out private property will have to have fixed wiring checks every 5 years. And it applies to all new tenancies form the 1st December 2015, and it will also apply to any existing tenant who are signing a new lease.

EICR Report & PAT Testing – What is it?

The EICR is the Electrical Installation Condition Report which takes places when the electrician tests your wiring. The EICR will also have to include a Portable Appliance Test, or PAT. These tests will only be carried out on appliances that belong to the landlord and not the tenant.

As you can imagine this report is completely thorough and will include everything which uses the electrical supply, and should appear on both either the EICR or the PAT report. Basically, unless any electrical appliances belong to the tenant, they should be tested.

One important aspect of all this is that any electrician who carries out these tests on behalf of a landlord, must be competent, and a member of a regulatory body such as NICEIC or SELECT.

Ready For NEW Landlord Electrical Safety Rules?

If not then you may be starting to feel a little concerned. Don’t worry, at VC Electrical, we have qualified, trained and knowledgeable electricians and technicians who are experts in this area. We are qualified to carry out tests of this nature on all your electrical wiring and appliances, making sure everything is as it should be and safe and habitable for your tenants.

Get Your Electrical Safety Certificate

We come with years of experience and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority and we can provide your EICR and PAT testing so you and your tenants have peace of mind.

Don’t lose sleep over it, just do something about it, let us carry out your landlord electrical safety tests, it’s a far better option than doing nothing.

Make sure you’re ready for the 1st December 2015 and let VC Electrical carry out your tests.

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