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Rewiring FAQ

Val Chisolm

Small problems with the electrics on your business premises could hint at bigger issues with your wiring. In the case of faulty wiring, damaged cabling and fixtures will need to be removed so that new, safe wiring can be installed. There are no guidelines set in stone regarding when a property has to be rewired. However there are some simple things to look out for, and an electrician in Edinburgh can always provide a professional opinion after a thorough inspection of your premises.

Here’s what you need to know about rewiring in Edinburgh.

Why do I need to rewire my premises?

Faulty or damaged electrics can be extremely dangerous. Wiring that is in poor condition, whether through wear and tear or simply having degraded over time, can cause electric shock or fire. People could be injured and even killed, and in some cases you may be held responsible.

Rewiring your premises gives you an opportunity to make sure everything works correctly and is completely safe. It’s also a good chance to make improvements and cost saving measures such as energy-efficient lighting, as well as increasing the capacity of your electrical circuits so that you can run more equipment and machinery without overloading the system.

When do I need to rewire my premises?

There aren’t set rules which cover whether or not your premises need rewiring, but there are some strong indicators you should be aware of. Just because your wiring is old doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be replaced, and is not unheard of for new wiring to develop faults.

Inspecting your wiring every few years is the best course of action, as this means you can spot wear and tear before it gets too serious. It is especially important to check the status of your wiring if the premises has been flooded, as this could have damaged your electrics.

Will my whole premises need rewiring?

A full rewiring is not always necessary. Sometimes there may only be a small section of the electrics which needs to be replaced and upgraded. In this case you will be able to save a lot of money on having a full rewire carried out.

Will rewiring my premises disrupt my business?

While all good electricians in Edinburgh will take every effort to keep the mess and disruption to a minimum, rewiring is a very invasive process. Wires will need to be excavated from the walls, ceilings, and floors in order to be replaced. This can create significant amount of mess. It requires a team of electricians in Edinburgh several days at least to rewire property.

How can I prepare for rewiring?

Before any rewiring work starts it is important you know exactly what you want doing. Changing the requirements of the job midway through is likely to be expensive and could involve undoing some of the work that has already been done. It’s far better to have a clear idea what rewiring in Edinburgh you want done before the project starts.

You also need to pack up important equipment and documents to keep them free of dust and other building debris. This is especially important if your premise contains sensitive equipment, like computers, which could be permanently damaged by dust.

Are you concerned about the state of the wiring in your premises? Get in touch today.