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Commercial LED Lighting – What are the Benefits?

Val Chisolm

LED - which stands for light emitting diode - lighting is a vast improvement upon previous technologies. More and more businesses are using commercial LED lighting. It creates a more comfortable, practical environment, while being environmentally friendly and helping to cut costs.

Read on for more information on the fantastic benefits of commercial LED lighting for your business.

Smaller Energy Bills

LEDs use much less energy than traditional lights: more than 75%, in fact. Switching to LEDs can represent a huge saving on your annual energy bill. It is estimated that if LEDs continue to be used widespread until 2027 the world will have saved more than $30 billion worth of energy.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Commercial LED lighting can last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lights. This means you, or your maintenance team, will spend a lot less time climbing up and down ladders in order to replace bulbs. This in itself is handy, but it is even more convenient when you consider how difficult lighting in some areas is to reach.

Less Wasted Electricity

Unlike incandescent lighting, commercial LED lighting emits light in a certain direction. With round bulbs and fluorescent tubes you are lighting the entire area, including the ceiling. With LED lights, you can direct the light where you need it. This means you are getting the full benefit of the energy you are using, rather than having it wasted by illuminating parts of the room that no one needs to see.

Instantaneous Light

LEDs emit light instantly, so the room is ready to use from the moment you flick the light switch. This cannot be said of many types of traditional lighting. Energy-saving bulbs, for instance, can take a long time before they produce enough light to make a room usable. With commercial LED lighting no one will ever have to hang around waiting until they can see clearly to start working.

Better Quality Light

LEDs produce a consistent, white light that is easy on the eye and allows people to see ‘true’ colours. Incandescent bulbs can flicker, as well as producing an unnatural coloured light, which can contribute eyestrain. Put simply, commercial LED lighting helps you create a better environment for everyone.

Environmentally Friendly

With their extra-long life and low energy consumption LEDs are a great way to lower your impact upon the planet. On top of this, manufacturing LEDs do not involve the same harmful chemicals such as mercury that are used for other types of lighting. The fact that they produce directional light also helps to cut down on light pollution; useful if your business premises has a lot of outdoor space that needs illuminating.

Commercial LED lighting clearly has a multitude of benefits for your business. If you’re interested in hearing more about saving money and creating a better working environment, contact us today.